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Award Paws



Helmet Award Philosophy

Garfield Heights football players start each season with a helmet that looks a little too clean. That’s because Bulldog players are awarded Paw decals for their helmets based upon play on the field from the previous week’s game. Players are able to earn these helmet awards in three distinct ways: 1) Through accomplishments as a football team. 2) Through unit accomplishments, i.e. offense, kick-off team, punt team, etc. 3) Through individual accomplishments.

The formulas contained in these goals are the formulas for victories. The thought process is that the players will clearly understand that each area of the football team is a key to our success. Also, this promotes the idea that there are ways that each and every Bulldog can contribute to a victory.

Players are awarded their Paws at our team meeting held each Monday afternoon. Seniors have the opportunity to purchase their head gear at the end of their senior season. These helmets are cherished because each different helmet tells its own story.