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Bulldogs News · 2017 All Sports Award Winners

The Garfield Hts. Athletic Department recently presented their All Sports Awards and Scholarships at the Senior Awards Assembly.  These awards are based on year long and career long successes.  The head coaches of each sport meet, nominate, and discuss potential student athletes before deciding on the recipient.

OHSAA SCHOLAR ATHLETE award is given to senior athletes with the highest scholastic average while lettering in a minimum of four sports.  Sierra Dalton has a 4.347 GPA while lettering in softball all four years.  Nathan Marek has a 4.056 GPA and has lettered four times in bowling and two times in baseball.

OHSAA ARCHIE GRIFFIN SPORTSMANSHIP award is given to athletes that display sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity while competing in varsity interscholastic athletics. Kaye Paraon and Mack Warren were both captains of their sports and displayed a sporting behavior that exemplified the true meaning of interscholastic athletics.

SFC Darryl Rowland with the United States Army presented the US ARMY RESERVE NATIONAL SCHOLAR ATHLETE  award to Brianna Exton and Nathan Marek.  Both of these athletes managed to letter two years in two different sports while maintaining a GPA that placed them in the top ten in the class of 2017.

The WEST POINT LEADERSHIP award was also given out by SFC Darryl Rowland.  This award is given to juniors that exemplify the US Military motto of duty-honor-country.  Both Tanisha Middleton and Jermaine Camp are leaders on the field and in the classroom and still manage to volunteer around the school when needed.

The US MARINE CORPS DISTINGUISHED ATHLETE award is presented to seniors that display courage, poise, and leadership as a high school athlete.  Mariam Sita and Anthony Stewart are both captains that lead appropriately through their actions on the field, willingness to practice, and work to encourage and inspire their teammates.

The WILLYEM HOMOVEC award is given annually to a senior letter winner with the highest scholastic average.  Sierra Dalton who is a four year letter winner sits atop the senior class with a class ranking of one and an accumulative GPA of 4.347.

COURAGEOUS STUDENT is an award not always given out here at Garfield Hts.  The recipient must have overcome illness, injury, or adversity.  Shawn Christian, one of our standout basketball players was diagnosed with a season ending knee injury prior to the start of the season.  After acquiring second and third opinions, Shawn decided to rest, rehab, and play as much as he could tolerate the pain.  Shawn not only played the entire year but did so at the high level all of the fans were accustomed to seeing him play. Shawn had successful knee surgery two days after the season ended and is now on his way to a full recovery.

SPORTSMANSHIP LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY AND ETHICS is an award established by the National Federation of High School Sports.  Marreon Jackson and Shawn Christian have been an integral part of the basketball team’s success that past few years.  It is no secret that great teams have great leaders and Shawn and Marreon have lead their team to two state final four appearances and an elite eight appearance in the last three years. Kayla Doehring has been a mainstay on the pitching rubber while embracing her important role on the team with class.

The FLOYD KONET 110% award is the greatest award that the Garfield Hts. Athletic Department awards.  This award is based more on a four year career then one season. This award is given to a male and female athlete that is dedicated, doesn’t complain, is always prompt, proves themselves through competition, exhibits school pride, never gives up or acts discouraged, and puts the team ahead of themselves.  Sierra Dalton and Marreon Jackson both possess the above mentioned qualities and many other intangibles that will no doubt lead to success later in life.  Sierra has accepted and academic scholarship to The Ohio State University and Marreon has accepted a full basketball scholarship to the University of Toledo.

BORGIO HUMANITARIAN SCHOLARSHIP winners are Kevin White, Melisa Hamad, Paul Newrones, and Rachel While.  These student athletes have continuously demonstrated humanitarianism in their daily lives.  These are the student athletes that do the right thing all the time, even when the coach is not watching.  They show up every day wanting to work and improve.

ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP recipient is Sierra Dalton.  This scholarship is given to a graduating senior based on GPA, participation in athletics, participation in other extracurricular activities, financial need, and an essay about leadership or a life altering event.  The application that Sierra completed had her ranked at the top or near the top of all the applicants.

Congratulations to all the award and scholarship winners and all of the senior athletes!